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Agile technologies, along with Cisco intelligent infrastructure, lead you to better decisions and strategic business moves.


Who We Are

We’re an agile startup that exclusively develops innovative IoT technology that covers your needs through optimal automation. Thanks to our ten years’ experience in building well-thought-out software, but also to our collaboration with household names in the IT industry, we’re the right choice when it comes to connectivity solutions, efficient data management and assisting your business intelligence efforts

Energy And Utility

Smart manufacturing

Oil, Gas and Mining

We Help You Innovate

It’s time to bring digitization into the operational area of utilities. Enhance efficiency, save valuable time and critical resources and vastly improve your customers’ lives. Choose smart and get the innovation you need. You benefit from features like:

  • Simplicity in automation

    To interconnect different technologies, hardware and software, our solutions act like universal translators with easy deployment for a vastly efficient network

  • Accessibility & Adaptability

    The IoT technology that usually is built for large companies is now accessible, cost-effective and more importantly, adaptable to your specific needs.

  • Innovation at core

    We’re driven by simplicity and innovation, and our collaboration with Cisco provides you both intelligent infrastructure and agile software for interconnectivity.

  • Optimization technology

    While different devices can’t communicate with one another since each one has its own protocol, our app eliminates any blockage while managing data for a more efficient production

  • Predictive maintenance

    You can manage data, gather insights, predict when equipments need to be changed and alert about faults – the most effective way to manage your network and save costs, while protecting your reputation and customers.

Our Solutions

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Universal Connectivity

One single solution, one point of management: seamless control, measurement and supervision that reduces support and maintenance costs.

Connect Romania 2017

Bucharest – October 18, 2017 – The Connect Romania 2017 event, powered by Cisco, is one of the major tech events regarding innovative and bleeding edge technologies that help businesses grow exponentially – especially since security, scalability and automation are critical topics right now.

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Team building no. 2: fresh challenges outside work!

You know that Kubrick’s famous phrase, all work and no play…, right? It’s kind of true. So no matter how many jobs or how much work you love to do, you need a breath of fresh air. Literally. That’s why we use to LogOut (go having a fun night out with the team) once a month and sometimes we go team building.

This happened last week, when we joined our forces with the eJumpers again, our colleagues from the web design and development division for an adventure in the mountains. Although we’re in different teams, we care about sharing stories and ideas and having fun together as often as we can.

We don’t spend our time together day by day, but when we do, it’s exciting! The fact that we share same values and genuine passion for what we do makes everything better and easier, too. Also the fact that we’re pretty different and have different powers helps us learn from one another.

We arrived at our rented villa in Moieciu on Friday night, after a long, but nice trip away from Bucharest. In the middle of the mountains, we all enjoyed some quality time in nature – which really improved vitality and boosted happiness and made us feel great.

While the first night meant a good old BBQ, sharing stories and jokes with a nice glass of wine, dancing and even soft wrestling (the fun version!), the next one was about playing games: from team activities and challenges for each of us to poker, cards and so on. We know for sure that one of the eJumpers went home happier after one of us taught him to play backgammon! We also celebrated Silviu’s birthday, which happened to be on Friday the 13th :) no comment.

All in all, it was a team building that got us more confident and relaxed, with our energy replenished and ready to get back to innovate!


Connect Romania 2017: the smart solutions unlocking tomorrow’s innovations

Bucharest – October 18, 2017 – The Connect Romania 2017 event, powered by Cisco, is one of the major tech events regarding innovative and bleeding edge technologies that help businesses grow exponentially – especially since security, scalability and automation are critical topics right now.

We couldn’t be more delighted that we got the chance to be there and see our IoT solutions being presented, too. Eximprod Grup had a stand where they exhibited ES200 with simple and interactive demos using LoRa sensors, for those interested in how our app works and how could they benefit from it, during the entire event.

And there was also some awesome presentations held by important guests who shared their valuable insights on Internet of Things technology, including Dorin Pena, General Manager Cisco Romania, who explored the importance of aligning modern equipment and modern IoT solutions for a brighter future and highlighted the impressive results of Cisco’s collaborations in this particular direction.

It’s a great deal that Cisco products are in line with the bleeding edge technology and that their equipment allow Romanian innovators to build valuable IoT solutions following international standards, while also helping important businesses to improve their customers life.

We’re grateful that we’re able to do all this in an amazing environment. Stay connected!

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