Supervision, Control and Communication RTU gateway

Key Features


ES200 over CISCO IR 809 series is a fourth-generation (Internet of Things) SCADA RTU gateway for control, measurement and supervision in power distribution systems. It is designed to efficiently operate secondary distribution substations, feeders and electrical substations using vmodern and secure communication and automation standards.

ES200 offers the ability to transform large scale IoT sensor data and perform control functions within the distributed network infrastructure through Cisco Fog Director. With the support of IOx, the distributed IoT network can function as the compute environment for fog applications. Examples of other fog applications in energy distribution include site asset management, energy monitoring and fleet management.

Unlike the traditional SCADA systems, ES200 allows the update and full reconfiguration of the software functions at any given moment during its lifecycle. ES200 can be configured to run and exchange information with other third party applications that run alongside on the Cisco hardware.

ES200 allows backward compatibility with legacy equipment while greatly improving security and automation functionalities. ES200 enables data extraction, concentration and storage. These are critical processes that deliver much value of automation to grid operators.

Multipurpose Use Case

ES200 is an open platform and framework, ready to combine deployment of Cisco Partner Ecosystem 3rd party Services alongside our
SCADA platform for future development

Flexible customization

ES200 allows reliable SCADA connectivity, data normalization and data aggregation.

OPEN system to gather data from other sensors or equipment, non SCADA.

State of the art security

ES200 is based on Cisco IOx Security and addresses 4 major components:

Control plane (SSL/TLS, Industry Standard AAA);

Data plane ( IOS security features such as ACL's, IPS, Firewall and many more);

Platform Infrastructure (API Security, Pluggable Auth Modules, App Signature Verification);

Application Security (cgroups, SMACK, SELinux, USERNS Capabilities).

Proper integration of new technologies with legacy systems in substation automation opens a new and
significant value stream for grid operators

IoT Edge Computing

ES200 is able to run, deploy and operate at the Network Edge, while securely isolating SCADA
Microservices from any other process. It enables the Cisco IoT IR809 to combine multiple functions
as network connectivity, secure data acquisition& remote control, GPS localization and SCADA

Enhanced Connectivity

MultipleSIM’s to access
in the VPN on 3G/4G

Smart Ports to connect Smart
Meters or other serial equipment

GPS Timestamp for legacy
equipments /protocols

Lan available to conect
TCP/IP equipment

Enhanced Deployment

Open Protocols

Standard communication protocols (Modbus, DNP3, IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-104) allow interoperability with any
new or existing third-party equipment (protection relays, power quality devices, IEDs) and SCADA DMS dispatch;

Master/Client communication protocols are available on both Ethernet (TCP/IP) and serial (RS232/485).

Comunication Protocol Type Comunication mode
serial RS232/RS485
Communication mode
Ethernet TCP/IP
DNP 3.0 Master/ Client Yes Yes
YEC 60870-5-104 Master/ Client
Not applicable
Not applicable
YEC 61850 Client Not applicable Yes
Modbus Master/ Client

A multipurpose energy solution

Key Applications:

  • Distribution of energy
  • Wind and photovoltaic power plants
  • Cogeneration, gas turbines
  • SmartGrid/IoT platform

ES200 allows advanced substation automation applications such as intelligent bus failover, automatic load restoration, allowing
the utilities to integrate relevant information in the condition based asset monitoring. Master/Client communication protocols
are available on both Ethernet (TCP/IP) and serial (RS232/485).