LoRaWan Application Server

Bringing Together Cutting Edge IoT Technology and SCADA Systems

Key Features


LoRaWan Application Server is a cutting-edge solution that can connect LoRa smart sensors with SCADA systems in order to create an IoT environment with low power consumption and a long range. The Application Server is designed to work transparently with the existing monitoring systems and integrate the LoRa communication protocol with existing technology.

The LoRa Application Server can gather data from different kinds of sensors bringing you closer to the data you need to fast forward your business. The ever growing community empowers you to create a wide spread network of multifunctional sensors and gather all the information you need to maximize your productivity. Our solution fits right into your SCADA System and allows you to focus your time and attention on the things that really matter: providing your customers the best services.

Seamlessness is our key focus and this can be easily seen in the way our product integrates with your existing infrastructure and empowers it to deliver all the advantages of an IoT smart business. Even if you have existing sensors that use standard communication protocols like Modbus or DNP3, our product can easily integrate them and bring you all the advantages that LoRa technology has to offer.

Additionally, the Application Server allows the update and full reconfiguration of the software functions at any time during its lifecycle, giving you the ability to adjust your systems to new opportunities.

Multipurpose Use Case

Lightweight deployment

The LoRa application is designed to provide easy deployment with minimal hardware
and network requirements. All you need to deploy our product is a Linux based operating
system which has communication capabilities to your SCADA infrastructure and to the LoRa
infrastructure network server

Impenetrable security

The LoRa Application Server ensures your data is always secure by making sure that at every
moment your information is encrypted, authenticated and not altered in transit. Our product is
able to provide all of these independently of the technologies you use to gather data

Technology for generations

Our solution provides a low maintenance, long lasting infrastructure that fits right in your
existing SCADA network. Once you deploy our LoRa Application Server bundled with the sensors
you need for your business all the hard work is over. Because our product takes advantage of the
low power consumption, you won’t need to do any service for years to come.

Central point of management

The LoRa Application Server is able to aggregate all your sensors in a single point of
management. This greatly simplifies the day to day interaction with your data and significantly
reduces your support and maintenance costs.

Lightweight deployment

A multipurpose sensors-based solution

Key Applications:

  • Smart parking
  • Public lighting
  • Smart building
  • Smart energy
  • Fault management