our story

Thanks to a decade of expertise in modern IoT technology, we’re focused on innovating your business to
become a leader already connected to tomorrow’s world.

Our Story

Our actual story
began almost 10 years ago,

when we started playing with Internet of Things technologies and noticed the
accessibility, innovation and adaptability of our products for automation in the utility and energy sectors.

Now, we exclusively and passionately focus on developing modern IoT
technologies that connect intelligent devices – not only for utility, energy
and even mining and oil industries, but for more and more industries.

Cutting-edge SCADA systems

Smart sensors network apps

Solutions for interconnecting devices


Enhance connectivity of smart devices with bleeding
edge apps that ensure optimal automation and drive
efficiency in the most secure way.


Benefit from full data management, adaptable
solutions and long-lasting intelligent infrastructure
to optimize productivity easier than ever.


Simplify business intelligence efforts through
accurate insights that help you save valuable
resources and improve customers satisfaction.

Our Goals

Inovium is, actually, a joint venture of eJump and Eximprod Grup. While eJump is a project that also
started 10 years ago out of pure passion for web design and development work, EPG is a well-known
Romanian group of companies active in the energy field for 20 years producing SCADA equipment
and solutions.

Since both companies have been continuously developing leading software, Inovium emerged
naturally as an agile company with expertise in IoT technologies.

We Aim To:

Grow businesses around the globe through optimal automation.

Provide a first-rate work environment for our smart and passionate team

Our team of innovative soft engineers integrated LoRaWan into our projects, thus empowering
our IoT solutions to work seamlessly with the latest technologies.

is a network connectivity solution that connects LoRa sensors with SCADA systems for an IoT
environment with low power consumption and a long range.