smart solutions

Unlock your great potential and fast forward your business with the innovative
IoT technology we provide.

How We Work

We continuously develop and improve our modern and adaptable IoT technologies for our clients. Not only do these
solutions act like universal translators and central points of management for your infrastructure, but they are easy
to integrate and highly secure. They also prevent further costs of additional equipment or software, ensure optimal
automation and help you gather all the data you need to make intelligent decisions.

Less hardware resources
Reduced costs
by predicting issues
Accessible and adaptable
IoT software

Unlike traditional SCADA systems, for example, our products allow the update and full reconfiguration of the software functions at any
given moment during its lifecycle. This means you have the ability to adjust your systems
according to your needs.

LoRaWan Server

LoRaWan Server Application is a network connectivity
solution that can connect LoRa smart sensors with SCADA
systems in order to create an IoT environment with low
power consumption and a long range.

Featured Case Studies

Find out more about these smart IoT solutions in these in-depth studies
on how they changed the future for different companies worldwide.

SDEE Muntenia Nord : Driving utilities towards
a brighter future

Cisco presents a case study on SDEE Muntenia Nord about how they successfully
worked together “to create the backbone of its modernization to a fully digitized
utility – for remote automation, distribution control, and
IoT for security and resilience”. Their solutions were based on ES200 running
on a CISCO IR 809 Router.