We help you watch your grid

Grid Watcher identifies faults in energy supply services based on real-time data provided by IoT sensors. The product gives energy suppliers instant information about errors and malfunctions, thus optimizing their reaction time and improving their client relations.

The sensors

Our sensors will transmit information from the grid to the LoRa Gateway, and from there the data goes to our network server, which sends it to you.

The software

No mater the protocol you use, we can transform the data gathered from LoRa to whatever encapsulation you require.


Whenever we have a new feature you might like, we will provide updates all the necessary updates.


The entire environment, from the sensors in the grid to the data correlations you require can be yours.

Sabin Posea

Georgiana Vlădulescu

Ștefan Cristian Ștefanca

Alexandru Mocanu

13 April 2017

Boost Day

It’s been more than a month since we started working on our project for the Innovation Labs Mentoring Program, and with Demo Day coming up

5 March 2017

We are in!

Grid Watcher is one of the teams that have qualified for the Innovation Labs Mentoring program! We have almost 3 months in which we will

1 March 2017

Hello World!

Yes, indeed, Hello World! We are team Grid Watchers and we have just registered for the Innovation Labs Bucharest Hackathon! We have a solid idea,